Spectrum, You Are Simply the Worst

Charter bought Time Warner Cable in my area, and the disgusting amorphous blog is now known as Spectrum. Customer service was pretty terrible with TWC, but I'm sad to say »

Stash as a Premium Service

I recently posted a fairly positive comparison of Stash vs Instapaper. There's one point that has changed significantly since that post was made: Stash is no longer a free service. »

Stash as an Instapaper Replacement

Stash is a relatively recent player that crosses over both the link-saving realm (Diigo, Delicio.us, browser bookmarks...) and the read-it-later realm (Pocket, Instapaper, etc...). While the fact that it »

Suppressing Opinions, One Review at a Time.

Recently, I independently reviewed a local IT company that I have experience with through an employer on Google. I was asked to take my review down by the company's owner »

Sense: Does This Sleep Tracker Make Enough of It?

Update on 5/18/2017: Changed a few bits of text and decided to be more neutral about recommending Sense for new users, while still recommending existing users don't upgrade »